Pietroberto Runner A6 630×2700

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The automatic dough sheeter is a solid, noiseless and reliable machine with stainless steel structure.
All working cycles are processed at a high speed.
The differentiated movement of the belts has a maximum speed of 50 meters per minute and the closing of the laminating rollers is extremely fast.
The computer that controls the carrying out of all working cycles has very innovative 100 programs and is developed with the specific goal to allow the user the widest range of working options together with the maximum efficiency and productivity. The program has general working parameters (recipe) and step parameters (thickness of lamination, speed of the belts, activation of flour duster and winder). All data appear on the display. The programs from 0 to 9 are the base programs, from 10 to 49 they are customized programs and from 50 to 99 they are the more sofisticated programs.
There are self-learning and support procedures that offer an extra assistance to the user during the daily activity. The machine has a motorized adjustable flour duster for a uniform dusting of the dough and a movable motorized winder for the rolling around the pin.

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