ESMACH – BC Conical Moulder

The BC moulder is a machine designed for “hand up” divided dough pieces, enabling first proving and regular proving. It is placed between an automatic divider and intermediate proofer. The uniform rounding is suitable for intermediate and final proofing. The BC moulder is designed for firm dough and tight moulding.

Top Features • Teflon coated cone • Epoxy gloss (food-grade) frame • Mounted on wheels with floor fixing

Price: £0.00

BONGARD – Ultra Moulder

 The Ultra Moulder is a dedicated moulding machine to gently mould doughs of all sorts of bread (sticks, buns, country etc). The dough is centered by the feed channel and rolled between three non-stick cylinders. It is then gently stretched between two soft-surface belts turning in the opposite direction. When stretched, the pieces are placed on a soft-surface sliding shelf (Ultra Manu model).

The machine is made easier to use by keeping control and safety functions close together. It is electronically adjustable by a membrane keyboard. Its low noise level (58 dBA) makes for quiet operation.

Top Features Cast steel frame • ABS casing • Grooved belt drive

Price: £0.00

MONO – Metro Moulder

The Metro Moulder has been designed with reliability and ease of operation in mind. Fully interlocked guards and covers ensure that even semi-skilled personnel can safely operate this versatile machine, which has a maximum through-put of 1,200 dough pieces every hour.

Double sheeting rolls give a gentle two stage reduction of the dough and two curling chains give greatly improved consistency of shape and size to the moulded dough piece. Windows at the front and rear of the machine allow the operator to monitor the progress of the dough right through the Moulder.

Top Features • For moulding breads between 152mm – 380mm (6\” – 15\”) • Double sheeting rollers • Safety interlocked

Price: £0.00

MONO – Multi Moulder

The Multi Moulder will process up to 1200 dough pieces an hour, but treats your dough gently, giving a tight mould with no tails. This versatile moulder shapes all oven bottom and tin bread perfectly, and is easily adjustable for sheeting pressure, moulding width and moulding pressure.

The machine can be supplied with a stainless steel mobile stand, fitted with runners to take five 30” x 18” trays. At only 533mm (21”) wide and with front feed and discharge, these compact machines will fit into the most restricted working area.

Top Features • Easily adjustable • Small foot print • 1200 dough pieces an hour

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto Conical Rounder – C1

Thanks to the special shape of the conveyors (cast in aluminium with a teflon-coated track) placed round the cone, the machine perfectly rounds various types of dough, giving a spherical shape.
Cast iron cone with special chrome plating or teflon coating on request.
Adjustable stainless steel flour sprinkler.
On request the machine can be supplied with a motor-driven unloading belt.
The rounding machine may be used together with volumetric dividers, long loaf moulders and intermediate provers, thus creating work units.
On request a system may be provided for blowing in air at room temperature or heated air.

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto EMME 2C Moulder

Machine equipped with two cylinders, infeed belt and piece return device; it is particularly suitable for small to medium-scale production of rolled up bread, particularly for those small basis weights which require a particularly tight rolling up.
The moulders can be supplied, upon request, with an outfeed belt with fixed or motorized moulding plate for the production of long loaves and French bread.

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto EMME 4C Moulder

Versatile and easy-to-use machine, equipped with four rolling cylinders, which allow the moulding of different multi-sized types of dough without mistreatment. The piece of dough is therefore finely pressed and well rolled up. This machine is particularly suitable for uniform dough.
The moulders can be supplied, upon request, with an outfeed belt with fixed or motorized moulding plate for the production of long loaves and French bread.

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto Baguette moulder FB

The die-cast aluminium structure of the support shoulders and of the principal machine parts make it reliable and sturdy. It makes French loaves with a maximum length of 700 millimetres and a weight of 100 to 1300 grams.
All the cylinders and the moving parts are mounted on self-lubricating ball bearings. The dough input hopper is situated on the front of the machine; the opening of the rolling cylinders may be adjusted with simple regulating movements; the construction and position of the cylinders allow perfect working. The machine is mounted on a trolley with castors, but it may also be used without a support, on a table. Available also with outfeed belt of various lengths. It may be used in combination with intermediate provers and other machines. No special maintenance is required, only ordinary cleaning at the end of the job.

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto Automatic group for bread MINI2

Hopper with a synthetic belt and high loading capacity.
Device for constantly feeding dough to the divider.
Two production speeds and three cutting speeds.
Practical adjustment of the moulder devices.
Two moulders: the first with 4 cylinders, the second, which may be set at various angles, with 2 cylinders.
Fold-away bench for collecting the shaped pieces and board support.
Double START-STOP push-button panel.
Easy-to-use control panel and electric system with protection class IP 55.
Stainless steel accident-prevention guards.

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto Automatic Group with 1-3 Rows RIDA 1.3M

The machine is reliable, sturdy and practical, thanks to design technology that makes it highly flexible for the production of ciabatte, french sticks, zoccoletti, loaves, mantovane, bocconcini, etc., guaranteeing excellent quality products starting from the pre-mixed dough in the hopper.

The machine is composed of:

– a hopper, which contains the dough,
– a divider, which serve to establish the quantity by weight of the individual dough pieces,
– a moulder, which can be adjusted to produce different product types,
– a long loaf moulder.


Price: £0.00

Pietroberto Automatic Group with 2-3 Rows

The new automatic group for bread has been developed by Pietroberto using the latest engineering techniques with the aim to obtain a compact machine which ensures a versatile production and is reliable, thanks to the components and the materials used.

Available in 7 models, it allows to break and form both hard and soft dough’s with a water percentage of up to 80%, obtaining pieces of dough which are only cut (e.g. ciabatta bread) and any type of wound bread.

The new system for the electronic correction of the pieces weight and a knives-stock always on line allow a simple and fast calibration of the machine when use conditions change.
Everything has been designed to reduce to the minimum the rough handling of the dough so as to obtain high quality products in a safe and silent working environment.

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto F75 Load Moulder with Motorised Unit of 750mm

· Versatile and easy-to-use machine, equipped with four rolling cylinders, which allow the moulding of different multi-sized types of dough without mistreatment. The piece of dough is therefore finely pressed and well rolled up

· It combines traditional features such as infeed belt and wide cylinder and rounding belt opening together with a new automatic tensionning system on the upper belt, the rolling device with progressive pressure and the cylinders cleaning scrapers.

This upgraded version allows more constant and even shaping of the dough from small to large sizes

· The wide opening of the rolling cylinders allows you to perform a rolling that is not possible with other machines

· Instead of the standard outfeed belt, the machine is provided with and adjustable motorized moulding belt to produce baguettes and loaves up to a length of 750 mm. maximum


Price: £0.00

Pietroberto F71 Long-loaf moulder

· Main structure in painted steel, mounted on wheels, two with brake.

· Standing foot to stabilize the machine

· Moulding plate adjustable by means of two levers on the frame depending on the weight of the bread piece

· It can produce loaves up to a length of 710 mm

· Adjustable sides-guides to restrict the length of the loaves

· Synthetic infeed and conveyor belt according to the regulations in force

Price: £0.00

Pietroberto F20 – Loaf Moulder with a 2-Cylinder Laminating Group

• A solid and easy-to-use machine, it produces loaves with a maximum lenght of 550 mm.

• Centralized electric controls and adjustement devices set in one side

• Stainless steel and aluminium structure

• A synthetic convejor belt carries the dough to the sheeting cylinders

• Stainless steel accident-prevention guard

• The adjustment of the cylinders opening is simple and precise

• A belt regulates the preform working

• The loaf press unit is interchangeable and adjustable by means of two handles

• The machine can be combined with the volumetric dividers and prefermentation proofers, creating in this way automatic loaf production units

Price: £0.00